Private Investigator For Business

Private Investigator for Business



Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents can support your business by gathering information on your behalf - information about competitors, employees, suppliers etc... It may be far more cost effective to instruct a Private Investigator for Business than to be diverted from your own specialism.  A Private Investigator for Business can, for a reasonable fee, save your business a great deal of money.  The ways in which a Private Investigator can help you business to flourish are many and varied.  For example:-

Your business may be failing to prosper despite your very best efforts due to "leaks" in the system. We can identify those leaks.

Employee Checks - 1. Pre-contract checks. The more you know about your prospective employee the more certainty you have that you are employing the right person. 2. Evidence gathering in relation to employees with high levels of absenteeism etc.. 3. Surveillance of employees suspected of "moonlightling".
Missing Persons/Tracing - your business may be owed money but not able to trace the debtor. We have advanced tracing services available to track down the money that your business is owed.
Background Checks e.g on new potential customers/contractors.
Preparation of Statements 
Visiting/photographing accident sites and preparing accident diagrams

The above is not an exhaustive list. Please call to discuss your particular business' needs or any other queries about private investigation for businesses. If the agency can provide a solution, please be assured, we will. With the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Fees will very much depend upon the type of work that it will be necessary to undertake to diligently seek the information that you require. A realistic estimate will be provided at the outset of the inquiry. In some cases it may be possible to agree a fixed fee.

The agency also accepts instructions at Legal Aid rates.