Private Investigator For Individuals

Private Investigator for Individuals


We understand that it is a big step to be considering engaging the services of a Private Investigator.  Whatever the issue that causes you to be thinking about taking that step, it is likely to be something that is causing you anxiety and perhaps distress.  

Please be assured that your enquiry will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.  It may be that you would prefer not to know the answers to the questions that you have.  But perhaps you realise that you need to be certain of the truth of a situation.  We will gather information and impart it to you gently and with sensitivity.  Ultimately your peace of mind is our goal.  

In all cases a realistic quotation will be provided at the outset for the type of work that it may be necessary to undertake in order to diligently seek the information that you require.  It may be possible in some instances to agree a fixed fee.

What price your peace of mind?

The services that a Private Investigator from Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents can offer include:-

Surveillance in the event of suspected infidelity.

Background checks of "dates" met online.

Tracing missing persons.

Background checks and/or surveillance on individuals causing concern to you or a member of your family (for whatever reason)

Care Home Investigations.

Surveillance of hen/stag parties

The situations that cause Individuals to contact us are many and varied.  If there is something causing you concern and you require information to verify the truth of a situation we can help you.