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Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents

Private Investigators based in Bodmin, Cornwall, South West UK


Are you looking for a Private Investigator in Cornwall, UK?

Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents have a proven track record of finding information for businesses and individuals to enable them to make informed decisions.  Accurate, evidence based information is key to developing strategies for your business' success and your personal happiness.

The agency is based in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK.  We accept instructions in respect of enquiries throughout Southwest England.  If you are reading this page and are not based in that area please do not hesitate to contact the agency with your enquiry in any event.  We have contacts nationwide and internationally.  If we cannot assist you ourselves, we will be able to signpost you to someone who can.  If you are based in Cornwall or Devon please "Shop Local".  We have local knowledge and a vast network of contacts.  

Please visit relevant pages for business/individual enquiries using the buttons below for further information.  Or call for a no obligation chat on 01208 590955 or 07427 931418.  If, for any reason, we are unable to talk to you when you call we will call back within 24 hours if you leave a message.  If your enquiry is sensitive please submit by email giving clear details of how you wish to be contacted.  

Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents look forward to hearing from you.