Outsource Your Anxiety to a Private Investigator

Is there something niggling away at you?  Something that you dismiss from your mind, perhaps because if it were true it would be painful and have far reaching, possibly life changing consequences? Do you suspect that the person with whom you share your life is sharing part of their's with someone else?  Do you run a small business that should be profitable but is "leaking" somewhere.  And the only possible leak is a trusted employee who has  become a close friend?  Do you feel concerned every time you visit your elderly relative in their care home?  Can you continue to dismiss that suspicion?  How much is it costing you emotionally to carry that anxiety?

Engaging a private investigator to establish the truth of the situation will be money well spent (and it may not cost anywhere near the amount you imagine).

If you live in Cornwall or have need of an investigator in Cornwall, Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents is a new business here to help you.  Your enquiry will be handled with the utmost discretion and, equally importantly, sensitivity.  Why not call and have a chat with me, Emma.  I'm a Private Investigator with experience, compassion and insight,.  If I can't help I will say so. If I can, with your agreement, I will.  What I find may be unexpected.  It may be devastating.  It will however be the truth.  And armed with that you will be able to make decisions and, ultimately, regain your peace of mind.

Private Investigators aren't just the stuff of fiction.  We're just (relatively!) normal people who happen to be skilled at getting information.

Please do call if that niggle just won't be dismissed.....