Tracing Missing Persons


Tracing missing persons is a service that Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents can undertake on your behalf.

We have had considerable success in tracing people that our clients have been unable to find; providing details to satisfied clients of where their relatives can now be found.  Surprisingly the clients we have acted for do not immediately rush to make contact with the person.  In a couple of cases it appears that it is enough for the client simply to know that they could contact their relative. It comes back to that peace of mind thing.  People’s anxieties are eased with information.  Having the information does not necessarily mean that they will do anything at all with it.

In one case we continue to plug away with dogged determination.  When someone really does not want to be found and has not engaged with society for years tracing becomes a complex exercise and when every avenue has been explored it is time to find new avenues.  My mother thought I would become some sort of Davina happiness deliverer – reuniting families amidst copious tears and heartfelt thanks (apparently this is some sort of TV entertainment?!)  This has not been my experience.  The reasons why someone is not in touch with their family are always tinged with some degree of sadness.  Sometimes immense sadness.  The best that some clients can hope for is a reassurance that the person they are missing is still alive.  Reunion not a likelihood.

You will find tracing services advertised along the lines “We find anyone for £30.00”.  Depending on the complexity of the “disappearance” that may be an avenue you wish to explore. If you are looking for someone who owes you money and you have a recent address, the job is likely to be relatively straightforward and likely to have a successful outcome. We might even be able to do it for £30.00!  Give us a call if you are in that situation and we can probably agree a fee equivalent to that which you will be charge by one of the national agencies (and you’ll have the added satisfaction of support a local business!) #shoplocal

If however someone that you care about has become lost to you (either deliberately on their part or otherwise) please do get in touch.  We can talk it through with you and give you a realistic idea as to the likelihood of the tracing yielding results and the likely costs.

Do call Emma.  You find a friendly voice, a listening and some pragmatic advice.