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Landlord Services

Do you let property in Cornwall?  If so Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents offer Landlord Services which can support you in your property letting.

Background Checks  Before agreeing to let a property that you own on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents can undertake a full background check on your prospective tenant.  References obtained on a tenant are often limited in their scope.  By seeking information that goes beyond references we are able to  provide you with additional, key information that will enable you to make an  informed decision as to the suitability of the prospective tenant.  The fee that we charge for a basic check is £65.00.  Such a check will give you the best possible chance of a trouble free tenancy.

Ending up with problem tenants is a risk that no Landlord can afford to take.  Why not take every possible precaution to avoid the tenancy turning in to an expensive nightmare?!  Please follow this link to our blog post on the subject:


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Inventory Preparation

If you let property in Cornwall and are not living in the vicinity we can visit the property on your behalf and prepare an inventory, to include detailed photographs as to condition.  This might be required between tenancies or between short term holiday lets.  Many beautiful homes in Cornwall are let on short lets over the holiday season.  We can keep an eye on your property and ensure that those occupying it treat it with the care and respect your property deserves!

Fixed fees available.