The Cheating Spouse Question


The Cheating Spouse Question

The first question I am usually asked when people get over their initial disbelief at what I do for a living is, “So do you spy on cheating husbands?”

This reaction doesn’t come only from women.  Which raises the question as to why it is perceived that only men cheat?  (If in fact that is the perception.  Perhaps the perception is that it is only women that would employ the services of an investigator to find out?)   I could devote this whole post to an analysis of that question and its sociological implications.  However I really wanted to consider the clichéd notion of Private Investigators being be-macced (as in mackintosh rather than Apple) men of dubious cleanliness and morals skulking somewhere close to the wrong side of the law in order to catch a bryl-creamed lothario in a compromising clinch.  (Have I taken the cliché a little far I wonder?!)



private investigator

The reality of life as a Private Investigator is so very different.  I am, for a start, a woman.  I skulk only when absolutely necessary.  And the vast majority of my work has nothing whatsoever to do with cheating spouses.

My time is spent finding information for people who are not able to gather that information themselves.  A good deal of my work is overt.  I introduce myself before asking questions!!  My clients are often based outside of Cornwall and need local knowledge regarding a place (business/property they are considering buying etc..) or a person (employee/family member).  There may be ways and means by which they could gather the information themselves, but it is more time and cost effective to use my firm.

So do I follow cheating spouses?  Yes.  Occasionally.  However I don’t want to say much on the subject as to any client (or indeed potential client) who is in need the services of a Private Investigator with regard to suspected infidelity, the situation is not a cliché or an after dinner anecdote.  It is a painful time.  Should you instruct the services of Bodmin Enquiry & Court Agents please be assured that your instructions will be treated with sensitivity and discretion.

Thanks for reading.